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Anderson Museum of Art Unveils Stunning New Look and Gratefully Acknowledges Community

Anderson, IN, December 14, 2023: The Anderson Museum of Art (AMOA) is thrilled to unveil its newly

transformed appearance, just in time for the holiday season, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the

facilities team at Ascension St. Vincent Anderson. The collaboration has resulted in a revitalized space

that reflects the museum’s commitment to providing an immersive and inspiring artistic experience for the


The AMOA team extends heartfelt gratitude to Ascension St. Vincent Anderson for their dedication to

this project, which has brought a fresh and inviting ambiance to our beloved institution. The team not only

replaced lighting throughout the gallery spaces, but fixed exterior lighting issues, and purchased a new

12-foot tree for the organization to share with the community.

New Exhibitions for the Holidays:

In celebration of this exciting transformation, AMOA is pleased to present two captivating holiday/winter

exhibitions, providing visitors with an enchanting blend of artistic expression and seasonal cheer. The

exhibitions showcase the talents of local and regional artists, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of

our community.

Capturing the Spirit of the Season:

As visitors explore our renewed space, they will find delightful photo opportunities throughout the

building. Notably, a specially designed mantle, crafted and assembled by Seasons of the Heart in

Anderson, adds a festive touch to the museum’s ambiance.

Invitation to the Public:

Come immerse yourself in the beauty of art, experience the joy of the season, and explore our upgraded

space and the beautiful new tree. We also invite you to look for that special holiday gift in the AMOA

Shop, an internal gift shop featuring items from local crafters and artists. Gift cards for AMOA

Memberships, classes, and the AMOA Shop are also available.

Visit Us:

32 W 10th Street, Downtown Anderson, 46016

Wednesday-Friday, 12-5 pm, Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday 2-5 pm.

AMOA is grateful for the support of our community and these incredible organizations, making our

renewed vision a reality. We look forward to welcoming you to The Anderson Museum of Art for a

season of art, joy, and community spirit.

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